A Simple Trick For “ SEO can be done without Keywords research & Usage ” Revealed

SEO develops High traffic to your site through Content Marketing in Search Engine. Usability focuses on attention like product purchase given to special behaviors your wish to trigger.Usability cares about more conversions and not search engine bots.

SEO is a bot centric practice,is to attract the attention of algorithms not human beings. It is linked with keyword stuffing and content marketing.This tactic is abandoned in an usability camp.

Usability doesn’t favor keywords or footers. It demands to create a content that reads well, have a pleasing flow and an informative feel. This will gain the readers trust and attention and the bots will follow.

Usability doesn’t support fat footers. SEO demanded site links and keywords present in the content, to increase the number of the footers. But usability refuses this and no longer boosts SEO in this manner.

SEO can’t crawl on images & videos whereas usability can do it.There are many tools and tactics available now to create a great video content to support your SEO efforts.

As people love images and videos, they are great for the usability. The usage of video sitemap, titling techniques, video schema, script transcripts and video sharing networks can reach your users and rise the SEO benefits.

An effective way to seek success in your business is to Unify SEO efforts and Usability. This will double your chance a high rankings & high conversations. Short term SEO risks are no more necessary.

The easy solution in applying bots lies in tabs or expanding div. These allow you to highlight a small block of text,granting intrigued visitors.The opportunity to show more details with a click.

To get rid of duplicate blocks, it can be embedded in an image as bots can’t crawl images for content. Now you can communicate the big announcement. This works great for copyrights & disclaimer texts also.

If you are not able to merge Usability & SEO for your business prospects, then contact SEO Company in Madurai to do that for you.


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